What can you power with data?

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We Power
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with data

Data helps Philips bring speed and precision to patient diagnoses and treatment.

Data helps Sutter Health personalize remote patient care for improved outcomes.

Data delivers Medidata insights into compliance and data quality in clinical trials.

Data enables Cerner to deliver actionable insights for healthcare professionals.

Simplifying health data – Validic’s platform and mobile solutions enable you to derive and analyze meaningful insights from your population.

Make Big Data
Smaller. Simpler. Smarter.

Healthcare data is overwhelming and complex. Validic’s solutions simplify data access, integration, standardization, and storage – so your team can focus on innovation, efficiency, and outcomes.

Delivering remotely-collected health data simply and seamlessly into your system, Validic enables scalable, personalized initiatives that give you a lasting competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market. Validic delivers personal health data simply and seamlessly into your system to create a more personalized, integrative, and engaging experience.

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“With Validic, we are able to provide our clinicians and researchers with access to real-time patient-generated health data – enabling holistic insight into our patients’ engagement with and adherence to care plans. Bringing together the clinical, social, and behavioral dimensions in the context of their day-to-day lives outside the clinical setting, allows us to meet the patients where they are, to exceed their expectations for care, and reduce the resource-demand on our physicians.”


Dr. Martin Entwistle

Executive Director of Personal Healthcare Programs
Sacramento, California

Client Success Stories

Health care is moving beyond the walls of the hospital, enabled by connected devices to monitor both health and care. We can now take a next step by securely combining the data generated by someone’s glucose meter and fitness tracker with their clinical data, so that caregivers can discover relevant and actionable insights for new models of personalized health management of their patients. Our collaboration with Validic helps to accelerate this step.”


Jeroen Tas, CEO

Connected Care and Health Informatics
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Client Success Stories

“Our mobile health strategy is a very important one for our business. Having access to key mobile health patient data on a global scale is key to executing this business strategy. Validic provides a key advantage for us. By choosing to work with Validic, it helps us quickly and effectively serve our members across the United States and globally, and helps us maintain a leadership position in the wellness market.”


Stephen Mitchley

Chief Operating Officer
Chicago, Illinois

Client Success Stories

Our partnership with Validic is a big step toward realizing the potential of mobile health in clinical research because it offers life sciences organizations the flexibility to select the mHealth tools that provide the most clinically meaningful information for specific patient populations. We’re excited to be working alongside a like-minded company that is using technology to transform the way stakeholders across the healthcare industry collaborate and innovate.”


Glen de Vries

New York City, New York

Client Success Stories

Given Validic is device-and platform-agnostic, our alignment provides a much broader reach to clinical and wellness data to help propel our digital health strategy to healthcare organizations we serve, including the acceleration of remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and wellness initiatives.”


Brian Carter

Senior Director of Personal Health
Kansas City, Missouri

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Trusted globally for secure, scalable, and comprehensive data access.

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